Putting Your Audience Center Stage


Putting Your Audience Center Stage

Only 3% of the American public are what you might call highly educated classical music consumers. As a presenter/performer, what can you do to create an environment that brings new listeners into the fold? Melissa Snoza of the Fifth House ensemble takes us through a fun, introductory course on audience development in this three-part video series.


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6 Responses

  1. Natalia Fumero says:

    I find it interesting that many people don’t bother to get to know their audience before they program a concert because whatever reason but it is so critical for both the performer’s and the audience’s enjoyment. This is very informative.

  2. Allan Whitehead says:

    I feel that knowing and appealing to your audience is one of the most important parts about being a performer. I think this article is very informative and shows us that we need to appeal to the audience. If the audience doesn’t enjoy the program, they will stop coming to concerts.

  3. Tyler Schaefers says:

    Getting to know your audience and getting them engaged is key to great performance. If you make it engaging, people will come back to your future performances.

  4. Kevin Salinas says:

    This provided a lot of helpful information that you could use to make your performances more engaging. It is very important to know ho you are going to be performing for.

  5. Saige Trottman-Huiet says:

    Throughout this year, I’ve definitely been more aware of how important knowing your audience is. It is so important to pick music that will be possible to connect with, while also knowing what to say to make the connection clear. I really enjoyed these videos.

  6. Isabel Lopez-Roldan says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the information presented in this video series. We should always make sure our performance is appealing to our audience. This means performing music they can connect with or relate to, as well as exposing them to some new things. As Tyler mentioned, it’s incredibly important that our audience is engaged so they come back to future performances.

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