21CM “Hub” Artist of the Month – Composer Michael Harren

A regular member of The Secret City band, Brooklyn-based composer and performer Michael Harren used The Hub, 21CM.org’s collaborative platform to develop and elicit feedback for his latest remix project “Tentative Armor.”

Follow Harren’s work-in-progress via The Hub’s public projects area. Or start here to learn how to create your own project.

More about Michael Harren

Harren also tours as pianist with Sandra Bernhard and plays bass synth in ATTACK.WAV. His works combine elements of classical composition with experimental storytelling to create hypnotic and boldly intimate works

The Hub

Along with the launch of 21CM.org earlier this year, we introduced The Hub—a collaborative platform for artists to connect, co-create and show off their work.

In just a few months, The Hub has exceeded expectations with an exceptionally high caliber of artists and projects.

In the next few months, we will launch a series of group projects where Hub members can build projects together while developing entrepreneurial skills. Connect, co-create and learn from other musical innovators like you. Join us on The Hub!


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