Book Club   April 2017

Have you ever thought about what it takes to become a freelance musician? What happens after school when you venture into the “real world”? Looking to the future, what steps do you plan to take, and what steps have you already taken?

Seth Hanes is a musician, digital marketing consultant, speaker, founder of the site The Musician’s Guide to Hustling – and he’s the author of this month’s selection for Connect: 21CM Book Club. In Break into the Scene: A Musician’s Guide to Making Connections, Creating Opportunities, and Launching a Career, Hanes has created a quick guide on how to launch your own freelance career, whether your dream is to become a full-time musician, a teacher, or even if you just want to earn a little extra money on the side.

How to Participate in Connect: 21CM Book Club
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  • Ask the author questions you need answered. Now through May 4, you can submit author queries to the 21CM Book Club Facebook page @21CMBookClub, via Twitter @21CMusician or through the form below. Seth Hanes will answer your questions in the May issue of 21CM.

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