Book Club / Q&A   August 2017

Laurie Rubin, author of “Do You Dream in Color?: Insights From A Girl Without Sight,” answers our Book Club readers’ questions.

“Who am I?” “Where do I fit in?” These are just two of the many questions that plagued Laurie Rubin as an adolescent. Certainly, many of us can relate. But rather than shrug existential fears off as the territory of worried teens, perhaps we should continually challenge ourselves with these questions throughout life. Perhaps, like Rubin, we can embrace our struggles as our greatest opportunities for growth.

Laurie Rubin is an opera singer, educator and motivational speaker – and she’s the author of this summer’s selection for Connect: 21CM Book Club. In “Do You Dream in Color?: Insights From a Girl Without Sight,” Rubin takes readers on a journey through her life, tracking the circuitous path she navigated to a desired career as an opera singer, while challenging others to reach for their dreams. Now, Sylvia Yang presents Rubin with questions posed to her by our readers.


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