Book Club   December 2017

Welcome to the 11th meeting of Connect: 21CM Book Club. Join us as we read “Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique” by Pedro de Alcantara.

“Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique” is a practical manual that aims to help you achieve embodied mindfulness, or the ability to engage your whole body and mind in a balanced way when you make music.

A cellist, writer and teacher, Pedro de Alcantara has produced an instructive manual on how to become an “integrated musician” by making use of the Alexander Technique. For decades, this approach, developed by F.M. Alexander, has helped performers everywhere develop the awareness of both body and mind that prevents injury and avoids unnecessary muscular tension. Join us in reading by using the weekly book guide and taking part in discussions led by Sylvia Yang on Facebook @21CMBookClub.

How to Participate in Connect: 21CM Book Club
  • Follow the readings with our handy book guide here.
  • Join fellow music entrepreneurs and leader Sylvia Yang on Facebook @21CMBookClub for ongoing discussions and thoughtful reading suggestions.
  • Ask the author questions you need answered. Now through December 31, you can submit author queries to the 21CM Book Club Facebook page @21CMBookClub, via Twitter @21CMusician or through the form below. Pedro de Alcantara will answer your questions in the February issue of 21CM.

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