Book Club / Q&A   December 2018

Welcome to the November meeting of Connect,’s book club. Join us as we read read “The Entrepreneurial Muse” by Jeff Nytch. Jeffrey Nytch, author of “The Entrepreneurial Muse,” answers questions posed by our Book Club readers.

“The Entrepreneurial Muse: Inspiring your Career in Classical Music” explores principles of entrepreneurship in a classical music setting. It’s designed to help students, emerging professionals and educators alike gain the broader perspective and strategic understanding required to negotiate the complex and ever-changing landscape of a professional music career. Readers will acquire strategic and observational tools designed to expand their view of possible career paths in classical music, stimulate creative thinking about how their unique skills can find value in the 21st century marketplace and realize their professional goals through the entrepreneurial process.

Jeffrey Nytch enjoys a diverse career as a composer, educator and author. As director of the Entrepreneurship Center for Music at the University of Colorado Boulder, he is a leading figure in the emerging field of arts entrepreneurship. Nytch is in frequent demand as a speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant. He is represented by Cadenza Artists.

Nytch’s book was the November selection for our Connect: 21CM Book Club. Now, host Sylvia Yang presents questions to Nytch posed by our readers.


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