About 21CM

Yo-Yo Ma plays with DePauw School of Music students
What is a 21st-century musician?

There can be many ways to define one, which makes sense, because as the century evolves, the genres that divide music are increasingly more fluid. Today’s serious musician does not seem to feel the need to define him- or herself through the lens of one genre, its history or expectations.

While the list will continue to expand as the century ticks on, some things that define a 21st-century musician today include:

  • They go their own way.
  • They perform or compose the music they like in the way they like.
  • They make their own opportunities. They shape their careers like entrepreneurs and might produce their own performances.
  • They see the audience as an active partner in their success.
  • They collaborate with artists from other genres and art forms.
What is 21CM.org?

21CM.org is an online, professional resource created expressly to help serious musicians thrive, not just survive, in today’s modern musical landscape. The site combines a magazine focused on people, organizations, projects and innovations with live events and educational tools.

What is our point of view?

The traditional career paths for professional musicians have become more and more difficult, with the odds of finding work daunting. Yet there are artists who are successfully creating new niches and paths for themselves, and, in turn, helping the art form evolve. Beyond simply being talented, these 21st-century musicians are adaptable, creative, entrepreneurial and savvy about new technology.

We wanted to connect the established music community with these talented iconoclasts and innovators while providing a “best practices” resource for all musicians interested in learning to create their own professional paths, on their own terms.

Our short-term goal is to provide a place where collaboration, experimentation and excellence in serious music are discussed, applauded, and yes, copied and emulated. We hope, in turn, this venture leads to providing more opportunities and creative ventures for all musicians.



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