Artist: Baladino

The name BALADINO is a combination of two words, which represent central themes in the ensemble’s vision. The first word, ”Baladi” means “land” in Arabic. The music played by Baladino comes from their homeland – Israel – a country comprised of Diaspora Jews who migrated from different parts of the world. These migrations have enriched the area and the musical influences from the Middle East, Europe and Africa became a major part of the culture itself. As Israelis born to immigrant parents, particularly from Middle Eastern countries, Baladino finds a deep connection to their parents’ countries of origin, musically and culturally. This is very significant to band members since, in many cases; they are unable to visit these places.

The second word, “Ladino” originated in Spain, and refers to both the language and the culture of “SEPHARDIC” Jews who lived in Spain up until the 15th century. After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, the Ladino tradition was cherished and kept and is still active in some degree in various communities to this day. The songs in LADINO the band performs come from this culture. Staying loyal to this rich tradition Baladino added various nuances. Baladino’s modern take on this music is versatile and emphasizes the multiplicity embedded in Israel’s culture.

BALADINO was conceived by multi–wind instrumentalist Yonnie Dror and string player and producer Thomas Moked. After years of working intensely with Israel’s most respected performers, the two band members were in search of a different musical vocabulary, and spent most of their meetings developing concepts and ideas about how to combine tradition and creativity. Enhancing the band’s musical identity is the singer Yael Badash who bought with her an important collection of LADINO songs belonging to her ancestors. Both Daniel Sapir, a double bass artist, and Yshai Afterman, world percussionist and educator, produce the unique musical beat of Baladino, combining rhythms from Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt and the Mediterranean.


Yael Badash - Lead Vocal

Jonathan (Yonnie) Dror - Wind Instruments

Thomas Moked - Violin, Guitar, Oud, Bouzouki, Mandoline

Daniel Sapir - Bass

Yshai Afterman - Percussion

Berlin, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel

Dos Amantes


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