Artist: Emily Hope Price

Emily Hope Price is a New York-based cellist, singer/songwriter, film composer, arranger, performer and illustrator. She was cellist, vocalist and composer for eight years in the Brooklyn-based indie band Pearl and the Beard, proudly releasing five albums of work until the three members parted ways in 2015. She is an active composer, solo performer, teacher, coach and freelancer in New York City who performs world-wide and on national television (SNL, Late Night With Seth Meyers) and who regularly performs and collaborates with artists and musicians including Roger Waters, D’Angelo, Sting, Alex Lacamoire (Hamilton), Ani DiFranco, Pete Seeger, Kishi Bashi, Josiah Johnson (Head in the Heart), Pete Lalish (Lucius), Father John Misty, Haim and Devotchka. Her current solo work resonates with cinematic intensity and imagery, using songwriting, voice, effects pedals and multi-track composition. She recently completed a piece commissioned by Alison Chase/Performance dance company and is currently working on several solo projects including a social media installation: #StoriesFromTheCelloTrain (Instagram) and an improvisation-based recording project studying the impact of occupying space. Outside the music world, she produces two art-performance web series: Darling, Please Understand and Look, Honey, I Know. She will be publishing a book of her illustrations — Backhanded Illustrated: odd drawings of painfully honest, strange looking people who may or may not represent actual events which may or may not have occurred.

Emily Hope Price
New York City

Pearl and the Beard - God Bless Your Weary Soul Amanda RichardsonPearl and the Beard - Killing the Darlings Pearl and the Beard - Beast The Last Ship Broadway Musical Cast Recording - Sting


Artist Diploma (SUNY Purchase) in Cello Performance

Masters (CMU)

Bachelors (USU)