Artist: Glen Velez

Four-time Grammy Award-winner Glen Velez is an internationally-acclaimed soloist and seminal figure in the modern history of the frame drum. Over three decades ago, he brought a new genre of drumming to the Western world by creating his own performance style, inspired by years of studying frame drumming techniques from various cultures.

Twentieth century composer John Cage acknowledged Velez’ mastery of the instrument by writing a piece especially for him in 1989. After fifteen years performing and recording with the Steve Reich Ensemble and the Paul Winter Consort, Velez maintains an international touring schedule as a soloist and continues to collaborate with prominent artists in many styles. His original compositions and signature sound can be heard on numerous recordings, films, commercials and modern dance scores.

Glen has pursued his interest in the history of the frame drum by amassing a large collection of tambourine depictions from many world cultures and eras, while considering his current musical work an extension of the legacy of frame drummers from the ancient Mediterranean world. This groundbreaking research into the history of the Frame Drum has inspired a host of his protégé to continue the quest into the mystery of the frame drum’s origins.

Recently elected to the Percussive Arts Society “Hall of Fame”, Glen is an adjunct professor at Mannes College of Music and gives regular master classes at The Juilliard School in New York City, along with other prestigious universities and conservatories around the world.

Glen’s most recent recordings, Glen Velez Solo and Breathing Rhythms Duo – Glen Velez and Lori Cotler, are available at

Glen Velez
Dallas, Texas

New York City

Breathing RhythmsRhythms of AwakeningRhythms of the Chakras


Mannes College of Music

The Juilliard School

John Cage

Paul Winter Consort

Steve Reich and Musicians

National Chinese Orchestra


Four Time Grammy Award winner

2014 Percussion Hall of Fame Inductee



Bodhrán with Glen Velez of Trio Globo

Trio Globo - Glen Velez 0

Trio Globo member Glen Velez is a world-renowned percussionist, known specifically for his virtuosic hand drumming. In this short demonstration, Glen takes us through some of his various hand drumming and finger techniques.