Author: Dale Henderson

Dale Henderson

Cellist Dale Henderson founded Bach in the Subways in 2010 as a solo project to sow the seeds for future classical music lovers. It has flowered into a global movement, bringing live Bach to new audiences in 40 countries. Henderson is based in New York City and performs around the world.


Eiji Oue

Eiji Oue 0

At the heart of classical music lies a tradition of musicians turned teachers handing down the lessons of their own teachers, and of their teachers’ teachers before them. Never more excitingly or skillfully did I come into this lineage than as a student with Eiji Oue, who at the time conducted the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra (now the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra).


Greenwood Music Camp

Student musicians hold their instruments up in the air 0

When I first attended Greenwood Music Camp as a young cellist, I found myself in a sort of musical utopia. We were provided structure: mornings for orchestra rehearsal and afternoons for chamber rehearsals, but we were also given the freedom and respect to show up to rehearsals on time, on our own—which we did!