Author: Greg Sandow

Greg Sandow

Greg Sandow spent many years as a pop and classical music critic, and now is a composer and specialist in the future of classical music. He blogs on that subject, gives talks on it in the U.S. and abroad, works as a consultant to individuals and groups and teaches about it on the Graduate Faculty at Juilliard.


Anderson and Roe

Anderson and Roe play pianos 0

One trait of successful 21st century classical musicians is they’re not tethered to the repertoire for their instruments. And you couldn’t find a better example than duo pianists Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Roe.


Bach in the Bathroom

Mike Block plays the cello in a bathroom 0

Mike Block was a POP Pick a year ago, so there’s no need to say much about him now – except that he’s a multi-genre cellist, Silk Road Ensemble player, the ideal 21st century musician (says Yo-Yo Ma) and the inventor of the Block Strap, which allows a cellist to roam free – or dance! – while playing, with the cello strapped to his or her chest.


Dan Tepfer

Dan Tepfer at his piano 0

Dan Tepfer is most often called a jazz pianist, which is kind of limiting, even though he’s played jazz with Pharoah Sanders and Lee Konitz – two of the greats – as well as with his own trio.