Author: Hadi Eldebek

Hadi Eldebek

Hadi Eldebek is a musician, educator, and cultural entrepreneur. For over 10 years, Hadi has been immersed in the sectors of arts, culture and education, working with prominent individuals and institutions like Yo-Yo Ma's Silkroad Ensemble, Harvard Graduate School of Education, The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, TED, Disney World Imagineering and more.


As an entrepreneur, he founded two cultural startups, GrantPA and Circle World Arts. The startups have attracted the support of Yo-Yo Ma, Alicia Adams (Kennedy Center), Nicholas Chbat (Philips Research North America), and Kristy Jung (Department of Education). Both startups have been selected as breakthrough ideas to join the TED Residency Incubator. Hadi's TED Talk about the importance of funding the arts and artists has gained over 1,000,000 views so far.



Aynur 32

Aynur Doğan, otherwise known simply as Aynur, is not only one of Turkey’s most well-known musicians: She’s also a beloved representative for the Kurdish people, particularly Kurdish women.


Ziad Rahbani

Ziad Rahbani 0

The son of Lebanese icons singer Fairuz and composer Assi Rahbani, Ziad Rahbani may have been destined from birth to become an artist in his own right. I grew up listening to his music and watching his plays, which have had a big impact and influence on me.



47 Soul 0

I first encountered the music of electro-Arabic Dabke band 47Soul at a party. I was drawn to their sound, which honors the identity and traditions of Arabic music while reimagining it with “analog synthesizers, hypnotic guitar lines and shattering verses from the four singers.”