Author: Judd Greenstein

Judd Greenstein

Judd Greenstein is a Brooklyn-based composer and founding member of NOW Ensemble. A passionate advocate for the independent new music community, he is also the co-director of New Amsterdam Records/New Amsterdam Presents and curator of the Ecstatic Music Festival in New York’s Merkin Hall.



The Extraordinary Musician

The Extraordinary Musician 7

Judd Greenstein is the quintessential 21st Century Musician. Balancing a career as both a composer and the co-director of New Amsterdam Records, among other artistic pursuits, he is a tireless advocate for new music and the development of young artists. 21CM asked Greenstein how an aspiring musician can thrive artistically and build a career in today’s competitive landscape.


Carlsbad Music Festival

Carlsbad Music Festival 0

Curated by composer Matt McBane, the CMF brings together composers and ensembles from both California and around the country as equal partners in the festival’s music-making, often presenting music in interesting spaces and seating arrangements.