Author: Laurie Rubin

Laurie Rubin

Laurie Rubin is an author, singer, and motivational speaker. In 2012, following the publication of her memoir, Laurie embarked on an international concert and book tour in which she gave performances that wove together readings and life stories with relevant pieces of music. Recent career highlights include playing the role of the witch/voice in Lisa Bielawa’s TV opera, Vireo, and giving a TED Talk at the 2015 annual TEDMED Conference.



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VSA Arts, now in operation for over 40 years, is an international organization founded by ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to increase access to the arts for all by providing arts education opportunities for people with disabilities.


Voices Against Bullying

Voices Against Bullying 0

In 2012, my wife Jenny and I wrote a song called “The Girl I Am,” inspired by my experiences of passive-aggressive bullying which deeply affected me during my formative years. Excited by the community that quickly rallied around the song, my management team, Cadenza Artists, began surveying the artists on their roster, asking them if they’d ever had experiences similar to mine.


Frederica von Stade

Frederica von Stade 0

Sometimes when you meet a world-renowned artist, you feel an energy in the room that constantly reminds you of their fame. This is neither a good nor a bad thing – it just has you in a state of awe.