Author: Mark Rabideau

Mark Rabideau

The desire to connect with other people is a fundamental one. We all want to be seen and heard, and our lives become richer when we feel we’re part of a community. Part of our charge as musicians is to bring people together – but how to build these connections in an authentic way isn’t always clear. 

This month, pianist and educator Marilyn Nonken challenges us to consider a more nuanced definition of diversity, eschewing the embrace of it as mere tokenism. What are the different meanings that diversity can take? How might they inform our curatorial initiatives?

Lilly Vanek explores the work of the Resistance Revival Chorus through chorus member Solonje Burnett. Born from the Women’s March on Washington, the RRC draws on the tradition of protest music to effect social change. For members like Burnett, the chorus is an opportunity both to sing and to work for stronger, more just communities.

We learn about the Chinese pipa from expert Wu Man, one of the world’s leading pipa players. Wu Man delivers a “how to” video in both English and Mandarin, sharing techniques for playing the 2,000-year-old instrument as well as the historical significance it holds in Chinese culture. In the process, she invites us to consider its place in 21st-century performance and composition. 

For our June POP Picks, we welcome violist and design-thinking guru Deanna Badizadegan as she shares the people, organizations and projects that make her feel connected to her musical world.

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Mark Rabideau
Director, 21CM

Mark Rabideau is a cultural entrepreneur, busy re-imagining how we must prepare musicians to thrive within the shifting marketplace and cultural landscape of the contemporary moment.

Mark's own entrepreneurial spirit has generated projects ranging from producing and hosting Live from Smoke (a radio show from NYC's
upper-westside), founding and serving as Executive and Artistic Director for Artists Now (a not-for-profit arts organization), producing Worlds End (an original work with the American Repertory Ballet), and founding Art in Unlikely Places (a project fueled by the belief that art’s transformative powers must be made accessible to the underserved).

Mark regards his bravest moments as a performer as those spent playing with “The World’s Most Dangerous Orchestra” (Juárez, Mexico) and those most cherished while commissioning, performing, and recording new chamber music with his quartet, CTQ.

Mark has a job. He is the Director of the 21st-Century Musician Initiative.
Mark has only one hobby. He collects curious, creative people in his life.
Mark has a wife he adores and three beautifully talented children.