Author: Miki-Sophia Cloud

Miki-Sophia Cloud

Violinist Miki-Sophia Cloud enjoys a rich musical life as core member of the self-conducted chamber orchestra A Far Cry, a founding member of the Solera Quartet, and a faculty member at Dartmouth College. Recently chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Sun-Law Vuillaume Fellowship, she is passionate about music’s ability to connect people more deeply to each other and to themselves.


Caroline Shaw

Caroline Shaw 0

I first met Caroline Shaw playing in a string quartet in graduate school, working through Mendelssohn’s tumultuous String Quartet No. 4 in E minor. It was a greatly cathartic experience for us, as twenty-somethings, to emote in Mendelssohn’s wailings for an hour together each day.



Becky Anderson and Alex Fortes 0

I can’t tell you how many musicians I’ve met in the past few years who are hungry to contribute their gifts to the political conversation but can’t seem to find an effective outlet. Offering an exciting solution, VOTESart, a non-partisan organization founded by violinists Alex Fortes and Becky Anderson, works to provide musicians with the resources and support to engage their local communities in the political process.


Code Listen Ensemble

Code Listen 0

We all know that making music with other people can be magical. It has the ability to create relationships built on listening, empathy and trust in a way that few other shared experiences can. Now imagine a band whose members consist of Boston police offers, teens and homicide survivors.