Author: Nathalie Joachim

Nathalie Joachim

Nathalie Joachim is “an edgy multi-genre performance artist who has long been pushing boundaries with her flute” (The Washington Post). She regularly combines her exceptional performance skill as a flutist with her creative talents as a composer, producer and singer, navigating genres ranging from classical and jazz to indie-rock and electronic. Ms. Joachim is flutist of the four-time Grammy winning contemporary chamber ensemble, Eighth Blackbird, and co-founder of the critically acclaimed urban art pop duo, Flutronix.


Arooj Aftab

Arooj Aftab sings into a microphone 0

Sometimes you run into an artist whose artistry is just clearly in their veins. They could never sing or perform less than at this base level where their art is just part of their being. Arooj Aftab definitely falls into that category.