Author: Richard Aellen

Richard Aellen

Richard Aellen is an author, playwright and librettist for the musicals “Wicked Moon” (composer Varick Bacon, lyricist Powers McElhone), “Liverpool Trading” (composer Errollyn Wallen, co-librettist Anita Gonzalez), “Farmers of Men” (composer Trevor Levine) and “Nobody” (archival music from Williams and Walker shows). He is a member of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop.


César Alvarez

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New York City-based César Alvarez is a multi-faceted composer, lyricist, teacher, playwright and musical theorist. His musical “Futurity,” written with his band The Lisps, captured my imagination with its fanciful tale of a Civil War soldier who seeks to escape war by inventing a steam-powered artificial brain.


Squonk Opera

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Squonk Opera is a group of interdisciplinary artists based in Pittsburgh. In keeping with the idea that opera is an amalgamation of sight and sound, Squonk Opera productions are driven by music augmented by visuals including kinetic stagecraft, projected imagery and elements of puppetry.