Author: Tim Munro

Tim Munro

Tim Munro is a Brisbane-born, Chicago-based, triple-Grammy-winning musician. His diverse work as a flutist, speaker, writer and teacher is united by a single goal: to draw audiences into an engrossing and whimsical musical world. Tim was the flutist and co-artistic director of the chamber ensemble eighth blackbird from 2006 till 2015. Tim’s solo performances are “captivating,” “bravura,” “charismatic,” “brilliant” (The New York Times), “engrossing” (Chicago Tribune) and “brilliantly clear and beautifully balanced” (Sydney Morning Herald). You can watch Tim in this recent performance of Christopher Cerrone's radiantly beautiful work, Liminal Highway.


Kate Soper

Kate Soper in Her Be Sirens 0

There is a generation of young composers who have created an entirely new sound. Here, voice becomes instrument, and instrumentalists become vocalists, a combination that is startlingly, thrillingly new.


Nathalie Joachim

Nathalie Joachim 0

Nathalie is the flutist of eighth blackbird (and therefore, I suppose, my “successor!”), but she is much, much more: not just a skilled instrumentalist, but also a composer, singer and producer, whose hip hop-influenced flute duo, Flutronix, has taken the normally stuffy flute world by storm – a true 21st century musician.