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Hi-contrast photo of a band performing in the crowd at Zlatne Utse Golden Festival

Little revolutions are happening in the world all the time. Some industries foster constant upheaval and others fight to maintain tradition. But one thing is certain – anything can change.


Almost Famous


Perhaps the most enduring line in the movie Almost Famous is, “It’s all happening,” a kind of mantra the character Penny Lane uses for living in the moment and appreciating all that’s going on around you. For any artist striving to make music a full-time career, it’s code for that moment everything begins to click.



Woman playing piano inside profile of a head.

Inform. Educate. Experiment. It’s become a mantra and a mission for us at This month, our Education issue introduces three new initiatives focused on each aspect.



Man adjusting soundmixing board 0

From fixing an instrument to creating a new organization, the urge to “do it yourself” can save money, at the very least, and at full creative power can complement one’s artistic vision.



May 2015 - Collaboration

To create great art, collaboration is essential. One can approach the subject from a number of different relationships – the composer and the performer, the conductor and the ensemble or the presenter and the artist, to name a few.