Behind the Scenes of Square Peg Round Hole’s “Gold Makes Blind” Music Video

Production company Four/Ten Media has shown the world that music videos aren’t just for pop music. Over the past few years, they have produced visually arresting videos to accompany stunning recordings by instrumental artists and composers, particularly those working within contemporary classical realms. 

We at 21CM wanted to know how Four/Ten works their magic. So we commissioned a series of making-of documentaries that catalogue the process behind their shoots – a project that debuted with the making-of video for several of the pieces on Projeto Arcomusical’s album “Spinning in the Wheel.” 

Now, we present a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Gold Makes Blind” by Square Peg Round Hole, a percussion trio that, incidentally, includes Four/Ten co-founder Evan Chapman. Its other members are Sean M. Gill and Carlos Pacheco-Perez; together, the group makes music that combines influences from ambient rock, electronica and classical composition. 

Much in the way that the music of Square Peg Round Hole seeks to reinterpret or even subvert its influences, the music video for “Gold Makes Blind” is a study in the intersection between photography and film: Where does one end, and where does the other begin? As dancers paint light trails across an imagined surface to the drums’ staggered heartbeat, it becomes impossible to remember a musical passage that is not wrapped around its accompanying image. It makes this listener wonder if we should conceive of all of our artistic projects as multimedia experiences. 

Gold Makes Blind still

Square Peg Round Hole – “Gold Makes Blind” (Official Music Video)

“Gold Makes Blind” is a single from Square Peg Round Hole’s album “Branches,” newly released on National Sawdust Tracks. The trio is celebrating the album release with a mini tour around the eastern U.S. – you can check to see if they’re playing in your city here

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