Behind the Scenes of “Mirror Image” with Four/Ten Media

A piece of music about images practically demands a visual interpretation. 

Continuing with our series that goes behind the scenes of production company Four/Ten Media’s music videos, we dive into the creative process for “Mirror Image,” a track on experimental musician Bec Plexus’s upcoming album “STICKLIP.” 

For this album, Bec Plexus asked eight different composers to write songs for her, with one provision: She “wanted all the songs to reflect something that the composers didn’t dare say out loud.” 

Thus “Mirror Image” was born, a song with lyrics and music by Pascal Le Boeuf that describes, in Bec Plexus’s words, a speaker who is “in conflict with someone else who is so similar that it becomes a problem.”

From the start, Le Boeuf imagined the visual possibilities of performing this piece onstage — which became exponentially greater with video in play. When Bec Plexus and Le Boeuf teamed up with Evan Chapman and Kevin Eikenberg of Four/Ten Media, they knew they would be able to create a music video that not just complemented their song, but also provided its own mesmerizing interpretation. Here, the two artists discuss their collaboration with Four/Ten Media. 

“Mirror Image” is just a taste of what’s to come on the full album, which will be released by New Amsterdam Records on April 24.


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