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The rise of the entrepreneurial musician is upon us. These mavericks are bending classical music’s “rules” and as a result, innovating the industry. Beyond artistic prowess and business acumen, they know how to create an audience.

One such pioneering group is the Fifth House ensemble. Its fresh inc workshop, designed for budding entrepreneurs, is featured on 21CM this month along with a fun introductory course on audience development. Fifth House’s executive director, Melissa Snoza, created the video content and selected our POP Picks, including five entrepreneurial organizations that “have found their success at the intersection of trailblazing artistic vision and responsiveness to the cultural and social needs surrounding them.”

Another group of innovative upstarts, the Indianapolis-based Intimate Opera is our Hub pick of the month. Challenged to find work as singers, these friends from music school created an independent opera company to provide more professional opportunities and variety to the city’s vocal scene. In this new feature for 21CMU, we ask them about the lessons learned in creating their endeavor and their future plans.

Each month on 21CM, we strive to seek out artists advancing the art form in adventurous ways. In the Magazine section, cellist Maya Beiser speaks with Mark McCoy about genre-busting artist collaborations and gives advice to our live student audience about creating a unique career path while Brooklyn-based Project Trio chats with Scott Timberg about its innovative touring/performance philosophy.

Along with musical innovations and intrepid artists, entrepreneurship will always be a running theme on 21CM, with ideas to emulate and skills to learn. Please let us know if there is a subject or person you want to learn more about at editor@21CM.org.

Alma Schindler aka editor-at-large

  • Project Trio

    Project Trio 6

    Two generations ago, it became avant-garde for musicians such as Glenn Gould, The Beatles, and Sonny Rollins to retreat from touring, even from live performances altogether. Today, Brooklyn-based group PROJECT Trio is doing just the opposite.