May 2015 - Collaboration


To create great art, collaboration is essential. One can approach the subject from a number of different relationships – the composer and the performer, the conductor and the ensemble or the presenter and the artist, to name a few. Of course, as the composer Stephen Sondheim said, “… the last collaborator is your audience.”

In our first installment on the topic of co-creation, we approach it from the practical and professional. From the artist’s point of view, we look at how creatives develop new works and endeavors. Ensemble members from Fifth House and Baladino chat with Mark McCoy about a fantastic project developed across oceans and laptops; Eric Edberg interviews David Spelman, creator and director of The New York Guitar Festival; and SilkRoad cellist Mike Block talks about the group’s latest educational endeavor The Global Musician Workshop.

In 21CM U, we address the art of interpersonal feedback, the often neglected but critical step that ensures a highly functioning team. We also feature a Hub work-in-progress by Brooklyn-based composer and performer Michael Harren, who uses Workspace, a cool tool for project development that can be accessed exclusively on 21CM.

Leading the artistic planning for arguably one of the world’s most innovative performing arts organizations Chad Smith, the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s recently named COO provides this month’s POP Picks.

Along with musicianship and entrepreneurship, the subject of collaboration will continue to be a primary focus at 21CM. We promise to valiantly search for best practices, innovations and insights from leaders in the field. Join The Hub today and let us know what cool projects you are developing. Maybe you’ll be our next Hub spotlight!

Alma Schindler
aka editor-at-large