Favorites of 2015

Favorites of 2015

In less than a year since 21CM’s inaugural issue, readership has increased exponentially, and our first live event – 21CMposium – is set to launch in September 2016. What began as a grand experiment is beginning to look like a national initiative. We reflect on the journey with our Favorites issue.

Along with the POP finalists, the articles included in this issue were, for the most part, experiments that eventually led to breakthroughs. They helped us find our voice and eventually our audience. In the Magazine, our first live interview featured Pulitzer Prize–winning composer Caroline Shaw; we asked five of today’s leading composers the same five questions with the hopes we would get wildly different answers; and we began an exploration of the industry from the perspective of the young artist in a piece on the state of commissioning.

A few months later, we launched the continuing-education laboratory – 21CMU. We developed a number of how-to videos and articles, including a series on audience development by the ensemble Fifth House and a DIY instructional article on building a home studio.

And also in 2015, 21CM-featured artists such as Gabe Kahane, Yuval Sharon and Caroline Shaw achieved national recognition for groundbreaking work. If we learned anything from the artists we interviewed and the stories we covered, it was to embrace experimentation. It is the only way to achieve real innovation, artistry and impact. Thank you for a great first year, and we wish you all a 2016 full of firsts.

Happy holidays,
Elizabeth Hinckley