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Spring has sprung and with it a panoply of season brochures in my mailbox. Among the programming highlights, my favorites are always the debuts – up-and-coming artists to discover and fall in love with. It reminds me how important that first impression is; whether you want a solo career or funding for your next project, creating a compelling story through words and images is a valuable skill to master.

In this month’s issue, writer Sara Fay and our own beloved designer, Jennifer Logan, talk about the process of finding a great photographer and choosing promotional shots that will be remembered. We also look at the world of crowdfunding – writer Jessica Duchen and composer Dan Visconti talk about their experiences and how to go about funding your artistic vision through platforms like Kickstarter.

As always, we shine the spotlight on a number of amazing 21CM artists worth knowing about. Gabriela Lena Frank talks with Mark McCoy about her enchanted career as a pianist and composer, rising conductor and visionary Teddy Abrams of the Louisville Symphony serves as our POP editor of the month, and we pay tribute to the late Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Steven Stucky.

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  • In Memoriam – Steven Stucky

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    Steven Stucky was a great composer. He was also an indefatigable educator and champion of new music. We will miss him dearly. The following is an interview he granted us for our inaugural issue, about the business and craft of composing.

  • Smart Crowdfunding

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    Crowdfunding is a revolutionary way for artists to realize their vision, and create a community of followers. Two artists, writer Jessica Duchen and composer Dan Visconti developed successful campaigns in the United Kingdom and United States, respectively. Both offered 21CM their different perspectives on what worked best and surprised them about the process.