You’ve probably noticed a pattern on 21CM – a shift of focus each month between creating your unique art and career. This month we conflate the two, considering how environment affects both.

Beloved American composer Mark Adamo is known for his contemporary operatic takes on beloved classics, like his critically acclaimed Little Women. We have Adamo’s interview from a conversation with Mark McCoy, as well as a Sounding Board essay he penned on the current state of opera, written from his unique perch in that world.

Our new associate editor, Elizabeth Nonemaker, helps a team of music students with a challenge: improve a video they produced for the ensemble A Far Cry. Using some basic rules of good filmmaking, Nonemaker gives her expert advice on crafting a video that not only looks and sounds professional but also engages your audience.

Rounding out our artist-inspired issue, 21CMU includes three new and fun-to-watch how-to videos by the awesome Project Trio; and composer Dan Visconti from Fifth House offers up five more great people, organizations and projects to vote for, in POP this month.

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Elizabeth Hinckley