21CMposium 2016

What if you could completely create your future starting now? What would you plan first, the journey or where you wanted to end up? 

From Sept. 9–11, the 21CMposium, our first boots-on-the-ground project, launches – destination unknown. We want to explore where our industry can go with great conversations from innovators and mavericks in the field. These amazing guides will point us in some interesting directions, take us on some side trips and offer provocative suggestions off the beaten path. 

As the art form and the industry evolves, so will these conversations. Join us for the first of many as 21CM.org dedicates its September issue to this exciting new project. Read our previews of the event, follow Associate Editor Elizabeth Nonemaker live on the 21CM Facebook page and look forward to post-coverage speeches and other great stuff. 

Elizabeth Hinckley


Our Next Step: The 21CMposium

"The Thinker" with headphones on, shadow side bleeding into a star-speckled photo of outer space 0

To re-imagine how we train the next generation of musicians for a 21st century world – that was the simple premise behind 21CM. Now, we’re ready for the next step, when we turn Greencastle, Indiana into a gathering place for innovative artists, profound thinkers, and dynamic change agents.