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Diverse Voices

In diversity we find strength. This could be said of our nation but also of the arts. 

As we say goodbye to President Barack Obama, we thought it fitting to consider diversity in the context of classical music. How far have we moved the needle? How much further does it have to go? In the January issue, we highlight folks whose own backgrounds in classical music prompted them to ask these same questions. What they did next is inspiring. 

First, Aaron Dworkin, the dean of the University of Michigan’s School of Music, tells us about his journey of self-discovery, why he launched the Sphinx Organization and why diversity matters in music. Brad Wells from Roomful of Teeth sits down with Mark Rabideau at DePauw University to chat about his quest to create new sounds for his group, and his subsequent cultural discoveries along the way. And finally Stanford Thompson of Play On, Philly! delivers a moving Talk21 on how music can change the trajectory of a child. He also serves as our POP curator this month.

This issue will be my last as editor. I’ve loved being the “voice” of this amazing little upstart. In two short years, it has grown into something quite remarkable, thanks to a wonderful team of innovators. Thanks to Mark McCoy and Judson Green for conceiving of the need for 21CM and making this magazine possible in the first place, graphic designer Jennifer Logan for your brilliant work, Elizabeth Nonemaker and Sharon Kaplan for your fine editing and, of course, Mark Rabideau for just about everything else. I also can’t forget to acknowledge Steven Linville, Elleka Okerstrom and Emily Smith for their unlimited supply of support and patience in getting us to launch. Each and every one of you has been magic to work with. 

Most of all, I want to thank our readers who are the real reason we’re here. I am more than certain that in your capable hands, the future of music will be very bright, indeed. 

Elizabeth Hinckley


21CM Announces the 2016 Pop Icon


Throughout 2016, our talented panel of curators selected 50 people, organizations and projects they believed were advancing the art form in interesting ways. Each month, your voting narrowed down the field to ultimately create the year’s super pack of POP winners.