What's Your Spark?

Even the smallest spark can ignite a lifetime of creativity – that feeling you get when listening to the crashing of waves, observing a starry night or encountering a vibrant painting for the first time. 

This month, we explore what inspires us to both pursue our careers and create the music we love. 21CM managing editor Elizabeth Nonemaker considers Ray Lustig’s “#composagrams” – musical vignettes crafted within the boundaries set by Instagram – as vehicles for reshaping the way audiences consume music. 

The members of string quintet SYBARITE5 take a break during their recent DePauw residency to talk about artistic growth – what’s helped them stay curious and focused over ten-plus years of commissioning and performing new music. 

Our series re/CREATE continues as host Joe Brent interviews duo Dana Lyn and Kyle Sanna about their unique melding of traditional Irish music with J.S. Bach. To them, it’s all about continuing centuries-long traditions of improvisation over familiar song forms. 

Finally, POP Picks curator Sarah Whitney kicks off a new year of celebrating the people, organizations and projects that inspire us over and over again.

And what about you? Be sure to share your own sparks with us. Thanks for joining the conversation.

Mark Rabideau
Director, 21CM


21CM Announces the 2017 POP Icon

2017 POP ICON 0

Throughout 2017, our talented panel of artist-curators highlighted 55 people, organizations and projects they believed were advancing the musical arts. Each month, the voting by you, our readers, narrowed the field to create this year’s elite group of POP winners.