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In an ideal world, everyone would have the opportunity to devote themselves limitlessly to their passions. At the very least, every musician would be able to make a living doing what they do best. That’s what today’s young musicians hope for: They entrust themselves to their studies, believing that there is opportunity waiting on the other side of graduation. 

But the truth is that creative fields like music are crowded. So this month, we explore some of the ways in which emerging musicians can stand out. 

Tanya Kalmanovitch shares some of her wisdom on moving in and out of a music career and the implications that class and other social factors have on making art.

James K. Bass and Patrick Muehleise of the renowned vocal ensemble Seraphic Fire join me in the 21CM studios. We talk about how to transition from music student to gigging artist while expanding traditional ideas about what’s possible for professional singers. 

Jenn Logan, founder and CEO of 21CM’s design partner, Studio Fuse, offers some pointers on creating a résumé that will help you make a memorable and professional first impression.  

We continue our interview series re/CREATE with flutist Kaoru Watanabe who, after finishing his studies, traveled to Japan to reconnect with his ancestral music as a member of renowned taiko ensemble Kodo¯

Jazz pianist, composer and producer Keith Javors serves as our guest POP Picks curator, highlighting musicians who’ve embraced their individuality. 

Finally, 21CM gets a fresh look for its role as the national outreach program of DePauw School of Music. 

Thanks for joining the conversation. 

Mark Rabideau
Director, 21CM


A Conversation With Seraphic Fire

Seraphic Fire 0

The twice Grammy nominated Seraphic Fire is one of the country’s preeminent vocal groups. Here, members James K. Bass and Patrick Muehleise discuss connecting with audiences and building a vocal career.


re/CREATE: Kaoru Watanabe
Reimagines Björk

Kaoru Watanabe 0

re/CREATE celebrates musicians paying homage to the traditions they love while creating music from the heart. In this episode, we feature flutist and taiko musician Kaoru Watanabe and his rendition of music by Björk.