Inspiration doesn’t usually fall from the sky. Rather, an artist is more likely to have a good idea when they’re in contact with a lot of other good ideas. So this month, we turn our attention to the regenerative creativity that comes about when artists work together.

We welcome three special guests to the 21CM studios. Poet A.B. Spellman, composer and Imani Winds horn player Jeff Scott and Harlem Quartet violinist Melissa White talk about the ideas behind their latest collaboration, the evening-length work “Passion for Bach and Coltrane.”

Inspired by the words of T.S. Eliot, acclaimed pianist Awadagin Pratt has decided to commission an album-length work that delves into the inseparable relationship between poetry and music – and he’s invited me along for the ride. Keeping in mind that some of our readers may be embarking on similarly daunting creative voyages, I begin an ongoing documentation of the project, cataloguing our hopes for it and the obstacles we are sure to encounter along the way.

Composer and mandolinist Joe Brent returns with another installment of re/CREATE, welcoming guest, violinist and singer-songwriter Sarah Goldfeather.

Continuing her mission of inspiring performers to leave the realm of the printed page, Jessica Meyer brings us Part Two of “Awakening Your Inner Composer.”

Last but not least, the Sphinx Organization’s president and artistic director Afa Dworkin serves as this month’s POP Picks curator, sharing the people, organizations and projects that inspire her.

Thanks for joining the conversation.

Mark Rabideau
Director, 21CM


re/CREATE: Sarah Goldfeather Reimagines Mitski

Sarah Goldfeater 0

re/CREATE celebrates musicians paying homage to the traditions they love while creating music from the heart. Here, we feature violinist, singer-songwriter and composer Sarah Goldfeather and her rendition of a favorite Mitski song.