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“The present is only faced, in any generation, by the artist….the absolute indispensability of the artist is that he alone, in the encounter with the present, can give the pattern recognition. He alone has the sensory awareness to tell us what our world is made of. He is more important than the scientist.”
– Marshall McLuhan

This month’s 21CM looks at the sometimes complicated, yet critical relationship between the artist and his “community.” We talk to Scott Timberg about his critically acclaimed book Culture Crash. A former arts reporter, Timberg looks at the cumulative impact on American culture when artists and artisans can’t make a living, while giving some “bright spots” – cities and trends that bode well for the future.

Our guest POP curator and State of the Art contributor, Judd Greenstein, offers advice on becoming an “extraordinary artist” in today’s contemporary music culture. Focusing on the rise of small series and festivals, he says about his POP picks, “…a well-curated series with support from the community can thrive anywhere. Though some of these festivals and series have the support of larger organizations such as universities, museums, and orchestras, all of them are independently curated and manage to thrive without the resources of major performing arts centers. They have each built their audiences one by one, and have done so by becoming essential parts of the communities in which they are situated. Their success represents, to my mind, the most hopeful trend in the future of American arts programming.”

Profiled artists, Trio Globo and guest Loire, talk with us about the evolutions of their “sound” and demonstrate various musical techniques in our new experimental education space – 21CMU. A combined laboratory and continuing education classroom, 21CMU features how-to videos on performance and entrepreneurship as well as case studies, prototypes-in-progress and “field notes” from leading educators, artists and professionals. Keeping with the theme of “community,” DePauw University School of Music details their audience development experiments in Greencastle, Indiana and Fifth House provides expert entrepreneurial advice. We also highlight a project from Project Trio, our Hub pick-of the-month.

Alma Schindler aka Editor at Large


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