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DIYer–one with an inclination, interest and ability to repair, modify or build something that advances one’s musical expression or vision (as defined by 21CM).

From fixing an instrument to creating a new organization, the urge to “do it yourself” can save money, at the very least, and at full creative power can complement one’s artistic vision. For this month’s DIY issue, we decided to tackle this very wide topic, focusing on two considerations key to almost every DIY project: place and presentation. Contributor and music industry expert Phil Gallo talked to leading musicians with the need to create music at home. From Hollywood composers to some of today’s up-and-coming rock artists, Gallo learns what it takes to create an effective practice/recording studio, and what steps to consider first.

Creating a festival is all about place and presentation. In 2004, Matt McBane launched his own music festival in the sleepy tourist town of Carlsbad, Calif. Along with providing this month’s POP picks, McBane talks about the evolution of the endeavor and what it takes to start one from scratch. He also offers six philosophical questions to consider before venturing into festival production. Finally, contributor Scott Timberg introduces us to Voces8, a group of musicians whose artistic vision is equal parts a capella and education.

Knowledge is key to our 21CM mission – providing readers with tools and experiences to successfully DIY their own musical career paths. To that end, we have added a new pop-up feature you will see in our more technical pieces that defines new terms and ideas. This month’s feature, mentioned above, covers the experience of building a home studio. Tell us what you think, what you want to read more about and how we can excel in this unique space.

Alma Schindler
Editor at large


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