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Inform. Educate. Experiment. It’s become a mantra and a mission for us at 21CM.org. This month, our Education issue introduces three new initiatives focused on each aspect.


Director of DePauw University School of Music’s 21CM initiative, Mark Rabideau plays musical anthropologist with a simple question, “Why practice?” Offering answers against the backdrop of some fascinating biographies, well-known artists open up a deeper dialogue on the reasons they chose a professional life in music.


Connect, our new monthly book group in 21CM U, introduces you to advances in music and the innovators behind these ideas. Read the book and post questions for our authors to answer, or follow our book guide and chat with fellow participants in The Hub. Author Sarah Robinson starts us off with her how-to guide Clubbing for Classical Music.


We know in exploring the heretofore unknown, one gains as much from the process as the final results. In 21CM U, where the university meets the laboratory, we offer a musical experiment from America’s heartland. Watch DePauw’s Music on the Square community project unfold in almost real time with commentary from faculty, students and the public. Will it be a success? Find out here.

Finally, The New York Philharmonic’s head of artistic planning, Ed Yim, provides five worthy competitors for our POP Picks this month. As always, we love your feedback. Let us know what you think about our new additions at editor@21cm.org.

Alma Schindler
Editor at large


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