Hi-contrast photo of a band performing in the crowd at Zlatne Utse Golden Festival


Little revolutions are happening in the world all the time. Some industries foster constant upheaval and others fight to maintain tradition. But one thing is certain – anything can change.

This month’s issue highlights artist-revolutionaries disrupting the world of classical music, for good. Contributor Mark Rabideau starts us off with an explanation and a prophecy of what arts entrepreneurship really is and why it matters for the future of the art form. Mark McCoy introduces us to a group of social entrepreneurs who happen to be virtuoso musicians – the amazing ensemble Decoda. And in POP Picks, Decoda violinist Anna Elashvili selects five organizations, each making a big impact on their local communities and the music world.

Along with the philosophy and artistry behind entrepreneurship, this month’s issue has practical advice, including how to finance your fledgling music business, by reporter Diane Haithman. In 21CMU, the Connect group reads and discusses The Savvy Music Teacher, a great how-to guide for those wanting to launch an educational endeavor.

Are you a budding artist-revolutionary or a weekend entrepreneur? We would love to highlight you in 21CM! Tell me your story at editor@21cm.org.

Elizabeth Hinckley


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