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Inspiration is a vital element, in both the creative process and our career. But, unlike water or air, it’s both fleeting and incredibly dependent on other parts of the process.

In this month’s Work-in-Progress issue, we consider what can happen before and after inspiration strikes. How might we lean in towards innovation and evolution at every step of the creative work arc? In our first Talk21 from the 21CMposium, David Wallace of the Berklee School of Music discusses how environment and disparate influences should both play a critical role in creating the next generation of artists. Wallace introduces the “village model,” an educational philosophy for developing more nimble and curious artists.

Composer, writer and creative expert Bruce Adolphe helps us locate creative inspiration in anything – moonlight, chocolate and more. Adolphe provides excellent exercises to build one’s creative muscles. He also selects this month’s POP Picks and is the author of our Book Club reading, The Mind’s Ear: Exercises for Improving the Musical Imagination for Performers, Listeners and Composers.’

Finally, iCadenza founders Jennifer Rosenfeld and Julia Torgovitskaya teach us about our nascent superpowers – the complementary skills that support artistic talent. Take their fun “superpowers” assessment to find out more about your burgeoning talents and how to develop them even further.

Whether you are creatively stuck, want to get to the next level or simply are interested in exploring what makes you unique, you will find help and inspiration here. But don’t keep it to yourself – show us and tell us what inspires you via a picture or post on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds as well as in the comments on 21CM!

Elizabeth Hinckley
21CM Editor

P.S. Our 21CMposium was successful beyond expectation! We’ll be highlighting talks, interviews and more on the site and in 21CMU over the course of the next year.


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