There are reasons superheroes resonate within our collective consciousness. They give us something to believe in. They give us hope. They help us to imagine our own superpowers and inspire us to pursue them. Mostly, they show us the potential within ourselves.

This month on 21CM we meet some of the superheroes of our musical world. David Harrington, violinist and founding member of Kronos Quartet, joins me in the 21CM Studios at DePauw to talk about his 40-year pursuit to reinvent the next moment in string quartet music.

Greg Sandow delivers a provocative TALK21 about the future of classical music, suggesting that the standard masterworks can be a millstone around our necks when they stop us from being creative. But as our POP curator, he highlights the people, organizations and projects that are making the old works new again.

Finally, managing editor (and 21CM Wonder Woman) Elizabeth Nonemaker takes a look at local superheroes. How can a handful of committed artists turn their own grassroots concerts into a thriving, interconnected music scene that beckons to artists at the national level?

Pursuing a life in the arts can take a lot of courage. But by drawing on the support of our communities and the inspiration from personal heroes who have gone before, we can triumph.

Thanks for joining the conversation,
Mark Rabideau
Director, 21CM


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