Doing Good

Doing Good

It’s easy to become myopic amidst the busyness of preparing for a career in music. Practice, rehearsals, gigs (hopefully) and more practice. But why do we do it? Is it how music makes us feel? Absolutely. But I think there is more.

In this month’s issue, “Doing Good,” we consider a more holistic view of a life lived through the arts – a life not simply about making a living doing what you love, but also the many ways in which musicians impact their communities through teaching, performance and inventing solutions for profound needs.

Paul Smith, founding member of a capella octet VOCES8 and author of “The VOCES8 Method,” discusses music education’s unique opportunity to develop personal creativity within children and adults around the globe. It’s the next installment in our TALK21 series delivered during the 2016 21CMposium.

Lilly Vanek ducks out from 21CM’s copyeditor’s desk to attend Carnegie Hall for Music for Life International’s “Mahler for Vision” program. Meeting up with Peter Lockman, a young cellist from DePauw who performed at the concert, Vanek helps us see, through the eyes of an emerging musician, the impact of socially-minded arts organizations.

Finally, “Calling All Leaders” tells the story of Katie Prior, a 16-year-old trumpeter who has launched a non-profit with national reach. Finding inspiration in Prior’s work, 21CM has launched a national challenge for high school students to use their music for good and to share their stories with 21CM.

Do you know a high school student using music to make their community a better place? Send them our way!

Thanks for joining the conversation,

Mark Rabideau
Director, 21CM


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