Get The Word Out

Get The Word Out

Think of one of your favorite musicians. Regardless of their genre or time period, there are probably two things about them that jump out at you: They have a unique sound, and they have a story. Two notes into Miles Davis’s version of “My Funny Valentine,” and no questions remain about whom, among so many trumpet players, is this one. Davis’s Harmon-muted, heartbreaking sound was as emblematic of his musical genius as of his restless spirit. 

So how can we learn from this? How can we marry our artistry to our story, cutting through the static to reach our audience? 

This is the question we explore in this month’s issue, Get The Word Out. Brian Horner gives a lesson on preparing your electronic press kit (or EPK), explaining why it’s a requirement for every serious musician. From crafting your artist bio to recording audio demos, Horner guides you, step by step, through the process of making your story available to curious fans and booking agents. 

Then we turn to the example set by 9 Horses — you may remember them as the winners of our LAUNCH: Emerging Artists Competition. 21CM, so impressed by their unique sound and versatile musicianship, has been collaborating with them over the past year to get the word out on this band of uncommon talent. 

We unveil an example of one of the most powerful artistic and marketing tools an ensemble can have, a professionally produced music video. 21CM partnered with filmmaker Souki Mehdaoui to create a music video for ”the water understands,” an original composition by Joe Brent, performed by his trio 9 Horses. Then, 21CM managing editor Elizabeth Nonemaker catches up with the band during their debut performance at the renowned New York City alternative music venue, (le) poisson rouge. She illuminates the group’s formation as one driven by a musician-first philosophy, a love of improvisation and an ambition that always puts the quality of the music at the forefront. 

Finally, we welcome Tim Munro as this month’s POP Picks curator, as he shares his excitement for his favorite people, organizations and projects. 

Thanks for joining the conversation,

Mark Rabideau
Director, 21CM


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