21CM Goes Global: Middle East

21CM Goes Global: The Middle East

Each year, DePauw University hosts the Global Musician Workshop, a joint venture with Silkroad (formerly the Silk Road Project). Participants and faculty arrive from Iraq and Iran, Syria and Russia, states red and blue. At the core of this week-long intensive is the value of learning from people whose experiences may differ from our own. When we make music with such people, it allows us to celebrate both what we have in common and what makes us unique.

We continue that spirit of cross-cultural celebration with the next installment of our 21CM Goes Global series. This month, we turn our ears to the music of the Middle East.

Cairo-based journalist and filmmaker Frank Bartscheck explores the mission of the avant-garde new music ensemble Cairo Impro, and how their chaotic city life inspires their work.

Lebanese-born multi-instrumentalist Bassam Saba stops by the 21CM studios to talk about growing up with a musical family in Beirut, studying Western music abroad and how we may better open ourselves to a world of musical possibilities. He also gives us a “how to” lesson on the history of the oud, first in English and then in Arabic.

Assaff Weisman reflects on a formative experience that helped kick off
10 years of touring Israel’s diverse landscape with the Israeli Chamber Project. Weisman shares what he believes to be music’s greatest lesson: the art of listening.

Silkroad’s Hadi Eldebek joins us as our POP Picks guest curator, highlighting some of his favorite people, organizations and projects from the Middle East. And 21CM announces our first essay contest, inviting university students to capture their love of music in writing.

Thanks for joining the conversation.

Mark Rabideau
Director, 21CM


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