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Announcing the Winners of the “New Voices” Essay Contest

In August, 21CM partnered with the award-winning music blog I CARE IF YOU LISTEN to create the “New Voices” Essay Contest. We invited college students of any age to submit essays on the theme of the 21st Century Musician – and we were thrilled with the response. Musicians and writers from all over the world submitted their essays, remembering moving performances, reflecting on new strategies for audience engagement and sharing ideas for the continued advancement of our art form. 

To everyone who took the time to submit: thank you. Writing about our artistic practice is no easy task. But it is an important one, affording us the space to reflect on our work and the impact we hope it will make in the world. To those who discovered a newfound love for writing about music from this contest as well as to those who have already integrated writing into their work, we urge you to continue. We need you! 

And now, we are delighted to announce the winners of the “New Voices” Essay Contest. 

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge and commend the runners-up in our contest:


Laken Emerson of Wright State University
Elias Gross of the University of Delaware
Sebastian Wintsch of the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
Selena Wellington of University of Colorado Boulder

Congratulations to all! And to our readers, keep your eyes peeled for our January issue, where we will publish each of the winning essays. 


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