21CM Announces the 2018 POP Icon

Throughout 2018, 21CM welcomed an esteemed panel of artist-curators to select a total of 55 people, organizations and projects that they believed were advancing the musical arts in new and inspiring ways. Each month, you, our readers, voted for your favorites, narrowing the field to create this year’s elite group of POP winners.

Now, let’s give three cheers for the overall winner and the POP Icon of 2018, Aynur Dog˘an! Also known simply as Aynur, this Kurdish singer and composer is one of Turkey’s most beloved musicians. POP curator Hadi Eldebek writes that Aynur “attributes her love of music to her childhood in a village that practiced the Alevi religion, which prizes music and its ability to preserve culture and communicate stories.” Aynur’s reimaginations of Kurdish folk songs — some dating back hundreds of years — have worked to both preserve a beloved culture and introduce global audiences to music that feels completely new. Congratulations, Aynur!

We also celebrate the POP winners in each category. Aynur takes the prize for our POP Person, while Founders wins as our 2018 POP Organization and PUBLIQuartet’s MIND | THE | GAP as our POP Project. Congratulations to all!


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