Community MusicWorks

Community MusicWorks

Eighteen years ago, in Providence, R.I., Sebastian Ruth envisioned a community where music was an integral part of daily life. Inspired by a radio story of an artist who brought young people into his studio to engage them in his work, Ruth founded the Providence String Quartet, creating a storefront space in which the group would rehearse in full view of passersby. Now known as the Community MusicWorks Players, the group performs all over the city and serves 125 students through free music lessons and after-school programs.

April Pick275
Melissa Snoza

A passionate advocate for chamber music, Melissa Snoza is a founding member of Fifth House Ensemble. A dynamic educator and coach, Melissa currently teaches a music entrepreneurship course at DePaul University, …more 

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3 Responses

  1. Roger Taylor says:

    This Organisation have proved itself an invaluable member of the community it serves. CMW weaves the arts into the very fiber of the local landscape!

  2. Sierra Graves says:

    I think it would be really great for more communities to have experiences like these because we would not have to be fighting to keep music in schools if it where embraced like in this community

  3. Eric Booth says:

    CMW is a glowing example to the rest of the nation of what is possible with commitment, whole heart, and the power of music. Many many other programs have learned from CMW and follow its lead.

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