Christina Pluhar

Christina Pluhar

L’Arpeggiata is a new music ensemble (or maybe a jazz ensemble) masquerading as a baroque ensemble. At the heart of this chameleon-like collection of inventive musicians is Pluhar. Leading the ensemble, theorbo in hands, she makes music that bridges epochs, treating centuries-old scores as points of departure. I first became familiar with her work through recordings, pausing and replaying passages over and over, amazed at what I heard. The virtuosity is awe-inspiring, but the way that she and her fellow travelers make those of us in the audience feel personally connected to the music unfolding before us is, perhaps, her greatest gift.

Chad Smith

Chad Smith, Chief Operating Officer for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, is responsible for the artistic oversight and coordination of the orchestra’s programming, …more 

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  1. Mark says:

    I LOVE this group. A brilliant, fresh take on so much great music.

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