Seraphic Fire performs in front of a light installation at Pérez Art Museum Miami

Knight Foundation

The Knight Foundation believes that everyone should have a place to express an amazing idea. To that end, Knight balances artistic project support with city-based arts challenges – egalitarian systems that inspire people in the community to dream big. The foundation looks for works that transform and transcend. It also looks for people who take ideas to a new level, who can change community experiences from what they currently have to what they think they should have. When my group, Sixth Floor Trio, teamed up with Knight to create Random Acts of Culture, it was all about the unexpected – like performing in public spaces such as airports and hospitals. Past arts challenges have produced film festivals, educational programs and redesigned urban spaces.

Teddy Abrams

Teddy Abrams is Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra and Music Director & Conductor of the Britt Classical Festival. He serves as Resident Conductor of the MAV Symphony Orchestra in Budapest, …more 

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