Elisabeth Remy Johnson with her harp

Elisabeth Remy Johnson

Elisabeth Remy Johnson is a simply gorgeous musician. The principal harpist for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, she is also a dear childhood friend and fellow musician. I have always loved watching her play. A top-level harpist is something that everyone should see up close: It’s like watching an Olympic gymnast express all of their skill and dexterity with only two hands. Elisabeth and I first reconnected when she emailed Bach in the Subways in 2014, eager to get involved. I was extremely excited to be back in touch. What followed included an hours-long phone conversation, an Atlanta-based initiative for Bach in the Subways, and eventually, our formation of the Parsa Duo, dedicated to music-making solely for the fun and love of it—just like when we were kids. In addition to her truly mesmerizing playing, Elisabeth stands out as a natural educator. She’s the co-founder of Atlanta’s Urban Youth Harp Ensemble and teaches in the ASO Talent Development Program, to name just a few of her educational posts. At our own Young People’s Concerts, I always appreciate how deftly and warmly she connects with the youngest among our audience—a special gift in and of itself.

Dale Henderson

Cellist Dale Henderson founded Bach in the Subways in 2010 as a solo project to sow the seeds for future classical music lovers. …more 

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