Student musicians hold their instruments up in the air

Greenwood Music Camp

When I first attended Greenwood Music Camp as a young cellist, I found myself in a sort of musical utopia. We were provided structure: mornings for orchestra rehearsals and afternoons for chamber rehearsals, but we were also given the freedom and respect to show up to rehearsals on time, on our own—which we did! Years later, Greenwood Music Camp still provides this same kind of haven to young musicians, as it has since its founding in 1933. Greenwood, with its passion for music-making combined with a relaxed, communal atmosphere (campers always pitch in with meal cleanup), has set the standard for summer music education programs. The stunning setting in the Berkshire Mountains doesn’t hurt, either. I remember witnessing a typical New England flash summer thunderstorm tear through the afternoon when I was about ten, and for the first time I felt as if I really understood Beethoven. Programs like Greenwood are the backbone of classical music’s continuing legacy. How better can we ensure the future of our art form than by supporting young musicians in these kinds of settings—a few weeks out of the year surrounded by fellow students and passionate teachers who care most about this music?

Dale Henderson

Cellist Dale Henderson founded Bach in the Subways in 2010 as a solo project to sow the seeds for future classical music lovers. …more 

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