Patients listen to a liver performance in a hospital atrium

Mount Sinai Concerts for Patients

Mount Sinai Concerts for Patients was founded by oboist Kristin Olson and violinist Nadir Aslam after both musicians went through identical surgeries at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital to treat a recurring collapsed lung. I had known Kristin previously: She was the first-ever local Bach in the Subways organizer in New York City, and, in 2012, she used her characteristic energy, enthusiasm and fun to get New York-based musicians psyched about bringing Bach to the people. I was saddened and shocked to later learn about Kristin’s collapsed lung and surgery, and I was unsure if she could ever play oboe again. However, embodying the triumph of the soul which classical music so richly expresses, Kristin made a full recovery and now performs regularly in the series she co-founded. Mount Sinai Concerts for Patients produces concerts meant both to honor the doctors and nurses working at Mount Sinai and to bring “comfort and beauty” to recovering patients.

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Dale Henderson

Cellist Dale Henderson founded Bach in the Subways in 2010 as a solo project to sow the seeds for future classical music lovers. …more 

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4 Responses

  1. ANJUM SMITH says:

    Love the Mt Sinai concerts

  2. Dr. Pfau says:

    They learn about Mount Sinai concerts for patients in my Music Therapy class at the University of San Diego. Great example for my students!

  3. Brian Hopkins says:

    The six hour lunch-to-evening marathons are amazing; Bach last year, Mozart earlier this year. It’s wonderful to see patients, families, and medical staff wander through the atrium and stop to listen for a bit. And the design allows patients many floors up to hear the music from their hospital rooms.

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